Are you interested in drugs or are you working on them academically? Or maybe you want to join us for internships or volunteering, or you just like our work and you want to support it?

Academic cooperation

We want the public debate on drugs to be based on substantive arguments and scientific evidence. If you’re writing a thesis, press article, shooting a movie or doing a research, we’ll be happy to help you find data sources or contact experts in any drug-related field, beginning with the use of psychedelics in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, through the law on medical sales of marijuana in California, ending with the scale of drug use in penitentiary institutions in Poland.


Internships and volunteering

If you are studying law, sociology, resocialization, public health or any other field that is somehow connected to the topic of drugs and you need to practice during your studies or would like to deal with one of these areas professionally, please contact us. We offer the opportunity to follow internships in our association or one of our partner organizations. We also publish current offers of volunteering, internships and work online.



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