What we do

We deal with drug education, harm reduction activities and the promotion of safe nightlife. We leave the assumption that it’s best not to start using drugs, or to stop if you do so, however, it’s not always possible. If you are already using, we educate on how to do it with least damage possible. For many years, this approach saves many lives in many countries around the world. Harm reduction activities are recommended and carried out by the United Nations; European Union (EU Drug strategy 2013-2020); National Bureau for the Prevention of Drug Addiction; Red Cross; Doctors Without Borders and hundreds of other institutions and organizations dealing with the use of psychoactive substances.

The main goal of our action is to make sure that regardless of what decisions you make at parties, you have fun and keep it safe.

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Odczynniki kolorymetryczne 

Colorimetric tests are simple chemical reagents that when added literally fragments of a psychoactive substance, gain a specific color. The most popular reagents are: marquis, mecke, mandelin, liebermann, froehde and ehlrich. The testers will not determine the purity or recognize a mixture. Flawlessly, they will find the lack of the desired substance.

For greater precision, always use several types of tests and remember that the result is not a guarantee of safe play. More information can be found on the leaflets attached to the product or in the store.

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Application TestDrugs (Android)
SIN has created an application that makes it easier to distinguish between substances with the use of colorimetric reagents and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). The application also contains a huge database of over 550 psychoactive substances and harm reduction tips.